Our Staff

Daniel L.

Daniel Leskosky

I’m Daniel and I’ve been a part of the Pawsitive Purfection team since June 2016.  My focus had been on dog walking for clients around the Lehigh Valley, until I recently started grad school.  Now I am a guest dog blogger!  I have a special place in my heart for dogs, including my own cattle dog puppy, Sophie.  I’ve been enjoying taking Sophie for training and sheep herding classes. One day Sophie and I hope to enter herding competitions!  My personal interests include yoga, running, and spending quality time with my pup Sophie.

Kailly M.


My name is Kailly and I am an avid animal lover!  My main passion is for dogs, but I love all pets.  I am a former client of Pawsitive Purfection and am excited to now be a part of the family because I love the work that they do.

I was certified in Pet CPR in 2016.  I also own a pet training business, offering positive reinforcement training for dogs in their homes and have been a certified dog trainer since 2016.

Jodi K.

File Jan 28, 10 55 49 PM

Hi, I'm Jodi and I am so excited to be part of the Pawsitive Purfection team. I have always loved animals and I am passionate about their well-being. I have spent the last 5 years working in both the veterinary and shelter settings. My husband and I currently have 2 cats of our own; Cinnamon Bun and Crosby.
You can be confident in knowing I will always provide your pets with the love and attention they deserve.

Linda K.

File Jan 28, 11 05 01 PM

I'm Linda and I'm excited to join the Pawsitive Purfection team!  I've always loved spending time with animals, so when my girlfriend needed help at her doggie daycare, I asked her if I could help. Once I started that, I knew I wanted to do more working and playing with animals. I've been a therapy dog handler for the last 5 years; I enjoy spending my Saturday afternoons taking the dogs to a nursing home to visit the residents. I'm the mom of a 16 year old kitty that I've had since she was 3 days old.  I'm looking forward to spending quality time with your pets and giving them the attention they deserve!

Jennifer E.


My name is Jennifer and I'm thrilled to be part of the Pawsitive Purfection team! I look forward to caring for your pets the way I care for mine. My family has rescued many cats and dogs over the years. When I moved to the Lehigh Valley, I continued this practice as a volunteer at several area shelters and now as a professional pet sitter/dog walker. Recently, I received training in Pet CPR and First Aid.


Kim R.


Hello, my name is Kim. As a client, and now employee of Pawsitive Purfection, I understand how important it is to trust the people with whom you leave your pets. It is a pleasure to care for your pets and I will care for them as I do my own, with a lot of love, attention, and enrichment. Whether it’s playing with particular toys, finding hidden treats, or snuggles, just let me know what makes your dog or cat happy.

Over the years, my husband and I have been involved in animal rescue, nursing to health and rehoming strays. I have experience medicating and giving IV fluids to sick animals. I am currently trained in Pet CPR.

My husband, our son (who attends Emmaus High School), and I are owned by 3 cats: Peaches, Callie and Jiji.

Thanks for trusting us with the care of your pets!

Denise G.


Hello, I am Denise. I have been a self employed Licensed Massage Therapist for 22 years and an owner of a small business with a small staff for 17 of those years. At the age of 52, I am retiring my career as a massage therapist in December of 2018. I was very passionate about my career and helping others so I wanted to find follow another passion of mine, animals.

I am so excited to have join the team of Pawsitive Purfection in August of 2018. I have been an animal lover my entire life and now to be working with pets of all kinds and breeds, It’s such a joy. I have had my own fur babies my entire life. I currently have 6 cats, Simon, Sophie, Bella, Max, Jake & Callee. There is no other relationship quite like the one you have with your pet. Everyone is so unique and special, and each pets brings joy and unconditional love to your life.

I feel very blessed to have the responsibility of taking care of your pets. I will do my very best to love and care for them whether on a dog walk or vacation visit.


Maureen J.

Maureen and Copper

Hi, I’m Maureen. As a life long animal companion and advocate, I am delighted to have been invited to join the dedicated team at Pawsitive Purfection. Like many of the other members of this great team, I am a happy client transitioned to care taker.

When I am visiting our pet clients, there is no place else I’d rather be. Their sweet faces and fun spirits are the perfect escape and complement to time spent in the office of my home based web design business. I have been privileged to journey with 3 large iguanas, 4 cats and 5 dogs from their youth through elder and end care, loving every moment of our time together. I am currently mom to Copper, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. As part of my training with Pawsitive Purfection, I have been certified in pet CPR and first aid. It’s an honor to share the same loving care with your four legged family members as I do my own.

In my free time I enjoy traveling, running and training in equestrian disciplines.



Kaitlyn W.

Kaiti and her dog

My name is Kaitlyn and I joined the Pawsitive Purfection team in the summer of 2017.  I'm excited to be working with pets of all kinds and with other individuals who are passionate about the well-being of animals.  I have been an animal lover my whole life and have never lived without a pet.

I currently have two cats named Scooter and Little and a dog named Ruckus.

Megan R.

Megan & Cooper

My name is Megan and I am currently attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia for my Graphic Design degree. I absolutely love animals and take any chance I can get to care for pets.  I am a dog bather and brusher at Rover MakeOver in Schnecksville, and became a part of the Pawsitive Purfection family in the summer of 2017. I look forward to walking our clients and paying them some visits!

Melissa Y.

Melissa Yenkevich

All my life I have had a tremendous love for animals, most likely because I have always had a pet.....always!  I have 1 dog, a 9.5 year old Shetland Sheepdog named Princess, and a 18 year cat named Sparkles - they are my babies. I'm that girl who when walking through the park, pays more attention to the dogs walking than the scenery.  I'm also that girl who most likely will greet the family pet first when entering your home.

I've been with Pawsitive Purfection since the summer of 2016 and love it.  Knowing that I am there to take care of your babies while you are away, gives me great joy.  I do have a full-time job as a Real Estate Assistant; therefore, my nights and weekends are when you will find me sitting.

My free time is spent with my husband, we just celebrated our seventh anniversary.  We love hiking, cooking and traveling together!

I feel blessed to be part of the Pawsitive Purfection team!

Kaiti B.

Kaiti Bates

Hi! My name is Kaiti Bates, and I have been with Pawsitive Purfection since 2016.  I do have a full-time job as a medical receptionist, so your pets would usually see me for bedtime visits. I have 3 cats; Manny, Bellman, and Stanley.  I am an animal lover in general, however; I do have a sweet spot for cats.

I grew up in rural Northwest Ohio and have had several different kinds of pets throughout the years. Cats, dogs, pigs, rats, a guinea pig and a rabbit just to name a few. Although I started with Pawsitive Purfection in the spring of 2016, I have had many years of experience with pet sitting prior to my move to PA.

I moved to Pennsylvania from Ohio in January 2016 and am also recently married. My husband and I enjoy movies, cooking, museums and traveling together. We are also Master Gardeners although I am a bit out of practice since moving. We are both enjoying finding new things about the area, and I am happy to be a part of Pawsitive Purfection!

Cindy K.

Cindy Kula

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for animals.  I have had dogs, cats, fish and various other critters in my life. I currently do not have any pets of my own, so in 2011, I started fostering rescue dogs.  I treat them with lots of love just like they were my own. I find it very satisfying to know that I help these deserving dogs get to their forever homes.

I look forward to taking care of your furry family members.  Be assured, I will provide your pet with plenty of loving care and attention during our visits.