Our Staff

Megan R.

Megan & Cooper

My name is Megan and I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with my Graphic Design degree. I absolutely love animals and take any chance I can get to care for pets.  I am a dog bather and brusher at Rover MakeOver in Schnecksville, and became a part of the Pawsitive Purfection family in the summer of 2017. I am trained in Pet Tech CPR & First Aid.  I look forward to walking our clients and paying them some visits!

Anne H.


Hi, I'm Anne. I'm excited to be part of the Pawsitive Purfection staff! I have been a fur mommy for over 20 years. My crew consists of 3 dogs and 2 cats. My past professional experiences include caring for dogs in a kennel / doggie daycare setting. Recently, I've been trained in Pet Tech CPR & First Aid. I'm looking forward to caring for and spending time with our furry clients!

Kristin R.


Hello! My name is Kristin. I'm so delighted to join this team of people who are dedicated to helping your furbabies! Taking care of animals is what I'm passionate about, and I have been for most of my life. From age 5 to now in my 30s, I haven't lived without a fuzzy friend. I've had experience with all types of dogs growing up, from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds. Also, kitties, bunnies, birds and hamsters. Most recently, I also pet-sat a snake. In my adult life, I have become a huge advocate for rescue. My fiancé and I have five rescues, four cats and a dog. This led me to working for a shelter. There, I learned a whole lot about the more medical side of taking care of pets, and gained a ton of experience handling scared and spicy felines. I have skills in administering medication orally and even subcutaneously. I also have a keen eye for when things seem a little off. Your pets are my passion, and I will care for your furbaby just as if they were my own!

Linda K.

Linda with Zeke 3-27-19

I'm Linda and I'm excited to be a part of the Pawsitive Purfection team!  I've always loved spending time with animals, so when my girlfriend needed help at her doggie daycare, I asked her if I could help. Once I started that, I knew I wanted to do more working and playing with animals. I've been a therapy dog handler for the last 5 years; I enjoy spending my Saturday afternoons taking the dogs to a nursing home to visit the residents. I'm the mom of a 16 year old kitty that I've had since she was 3 days old.  I'm looking forward to spending quality time with your pets and giving them the attention they deserve!

Denise G.


Hello, I am Denise. I have been a self employed Licensed Massage Therapist for 22 years and an owner of a small business with a small staff for 17 of those years. At the age of 52, I retired from my career as a massage therapist in December of 2018. I was very passionate about my career and helping others so I wanted to follow another passion of mine, animals.

I am so excited to have joined the team of Pawsitive Purfection in August of 2018. I have been an animal lover my entire life and now to be working with pets of all kinds and breeds, It’s such a joy. I have had my own fur babies my entire life. I currently have 6 cats, Simon, Sophie, Bella, Max, Jake & Callee. There is no other relationship quite like the one you have with your pet. Everyone is so unique and special, and each pets brings joy and unconditional love to your life.

I feel very blessed to have the responsibility of taking care of your pets. I will do my very best to love and care for them whether on a dog walk or vacation visit.


Crystale & Michael K.



Our names are Crystale and Michael.  Both of us have been with Pawsitive Purfection since September 2018.  We have been married for 26 years, both are animal lovers, and have shared our lives with nine cats throughout that time. Growing up on a farm, I was surrounded by cats and dogs and have also had bunnies and guinea pigs.  Michael has rescued most of our pets caring for and taming them to be part of our home.  I cannot imagine a time in my life when I wouldn't have an animal in my life.

Michaela B.


My name is Michaela and I joined the Pawsitive Purfection team in the summer of 2019.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences and I currently work in a veterinary office as a receptionist and am training to be a Veterinary Technician.  As someone who has chosen the path of helping animals, I have a different mindset when it comes to taking care of pets than the average person.  I can pick up on problems that not everyone would notice.

I am the proud mom of a Boston Terrier/Pug mix and a chinchilla.