Allentown Dog Walker Talks Top 5 Essential Oils For Dogs

Allentown Dog Walker Talks Top 5 Essential Oils For Dogs

Dog parents treat their tail-wagging pets like family. There isn’t anything dog Moms and Dads won’t do for their precious pups. When it comes to dog health, there are so many ways to keep them healthy. Many dog parents feed high-end pet food, buy supplements specially made for dogs, and even use essential oils on their dogs.

Wait, what?

Essential oils?


Essential oils can and have been used on dogs for a number of health-related issues many canines face on a regular basis. Itchy skin, fleas, and nerves are all issues that can be solved with essential oils.

Here is a list of essential oils that are safe for dogs:

  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil offers a calming effect on dogs, and their humans! It soothes the central nervous system, and can ease car ride anxiety and car sickness. It is definitely the most versatile oil to use on dogs.

  1. Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood, or cedar oil, has a powerful ability to repel fleas. It can also be used for illnesses like kennel cough, arthritis, and back pain. It is also excellent for relieving arthritis in older dogs.

  1. Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is the best essential oil to repel insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, due to its high citral content. Add a few drops of the oil to water in a spray bottle, and then apply the spray to your pet’s coat and massage through.

  1. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense can help to calm your pet and ease anxiety, and it’s even been used to help in some cases of cancer and strengthening the immune system. It is less potent than other oils, and very safe for dogs with compromised immune systems.

  1. Spearmint Oil

Spearmint oil can be used to help with digestion and respiratory issues with your dog. It has also been used for weight loss in dogs, so be sure to check with your vet on how to use Spearmint if your dog is overweight and on a weight loss plan.


A note about essential oils from your Allentown dog walker:

Please consult with your veterinarian before using any essential oils on your dogs. Some dogs may be too young, for example, to ingest or have essential oils used on them in any way. Most oils need to be diluted with water (for example, lavender can be used in a spray bottle, with a few drops mixed in) before suing them on your dogs. It’s always best to be safe than sorry when using any type of remedy with your pets.

What problem is your dog having and have you ever tried essential oils on your dog? Let us know!