Grounding or Earthing: An alternative treatment for your pet that is definitely NOT “Out of This World!”

By Jennifer Evans

The surface of the earth contains a limitless supply of negatively charged electrons. The basic premise of Earthing, or grounding, is that direct contact with the earth (barefoot, no shoes!) facilitates absorption of the earth’s abundant free electrons. Modern lifestyles have almost permanently separated us and our pets from regular contact with the earth. Even when outside, humans wear synthetic-soled shoes that insulate us from electron flow. Most cats and city-dwelling dogs live indoors and rarely touch the earth.

Direct contact with the earth allows the body to absorb these free electrons. The electrons entering the body can cause profound physiological changes when they neutralize damaging free radicals. Free radicals are particles containing unpaired electrons. They are released when there is cell damage. If there is a shortage of free electrons in the body, the free radicals may steal one from healthy tissue. This process is essentially the cause of much inflammation in the body and inflammation is the root cause of many disease states.

Chronic pain is caused by inflammation. Many older pets experiencing arthritis pain or skin conditions may benefit from getting grounded. A month-long study from 2012 showed that a majority of human subjects that slept on grounding mats showed significant relief from chronic back or joint pain.

Grounding or “Earthing” also improves blood circulation in the body, allowing all tissues and organs to be more oxygenated, more able to receive nutrients, and to release toxins. Below is an image of red blood cells before and after grounding:

red blood cells

The blood cells on the left are “sticky” prior to earthing, which is another possible cause of inflammation and cardiovascular disease. After two hours of grounding, blood cells are flowing freely, greatly reducing the risk of heart and vascular disease.

The Earthing Institute has interesting testimonials on their site about pets benefitting from the use of grounding pads indoors. An earthing or grounding mat allows a pet to get grounded while inside. The mat is usually a carbon infused conductive pad that is plugged into the grounding port (the third bottom hole in an electrical outlet) of an electrical outlet. A properly grounded outlet has a grounding wire that feeds to the home’s main electrical panel. These ground wires are then all attached to a grounding rod that is actually inserted in the earth outside the home. (Look for one outside your home, it’s usually encased in electrical tubing!) When an earthing mat is plugged into the grounding receptacle of an outlet, it accesses the earth’s free electrons, simulating standing on the earth!

earthing mat pup



A pet owner told the Earthing Institute,  “Sailor,’ my 12-year-old Westie, heads for his Earthing mat any chance he gets! He has been Earthing for more than eight years and is healthy and happy. The mat helped relieve his skin allergies and itchiness. He hogs my Earthing mat under the computer desk, his favorite place to snooze.

There’s another remarkable testimonial about an aging female rat pet named Juniper that had a very debilitating stroke.

“Juniper’ is one tough little gal. She had difficulty getting around so I decided to try the earthing band on her and within twenty minutes she was able to raise her head. Within an hour she was able to use her legs again. After a few hours, she exhibited more mobility and was able to lift her head.”

Juniper’s owner continues her story, “I got the shock of my life the next morning. ‘Juniper’ had climbed onto the roof of her mousehouse ALL BY HERSELF!! She climbed up and ate breakfast! She gave me a bit of trouble getting her into the band this morning but I got her in. She has much better mobility and is much improved."

mouse on keyboard

“All creatures large and small love to be connected to Mother Earth!”