Reiki: Holistic Help for your Canine


What is Reiki?

By: Kailly Muthard

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words: Rei: which means Spirit, and Ki: which means energy. Therefore, Reiki can be literally translated as spiritual energy. The energy that makes up all things.

The system of Reiki was created in the early 20th century by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui, and was about the spiritual development of our own energy. Usui found that a by-product of this personal inner-spiritual work was the ability to assist others with their own self-healing.


Reiki and Animals


One of the things about Reiki that is so wonderful for the animals is that it is gentle and non-invasive. It can be used to supplement traditional treatments for healing illness, for dogs who are fearful or anxious or those who have experienced a trauma or loss.

Animals who are sick or have been traumatized, abused or have some issues that they need healing with, Reiki can address all of these on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is very different from many other holistic modalities because of its very passive nature and promotes healing on a cellular level.

Common conditions for treatment include, but are not limited to:


-Chronic pain


-Wound healing


-Irritable Bowel Syndrome

-Skin issues/allergies





How Does It Work?


During a session I will discuss with you your concerns about your pet and their medical history. We will also discuss what Reiki is, how it can help the pet and what messages I might receive back from their pet.

We will then move to a semi closed off area. We do want to allow the dog to leave if they don’t want to participate but we also don’t want other animals or background noise to come in. So think a room with the door cracked. Then I start the process.

I call in the energy and ask the pet if they would like to receive it. If they do we will move forward. I will either put my hands on or slightly above them. I prefer to put them slightly above. Then I allow myself to be a channel for this energy and I go where the pet directs me. When I am finished we will debrief on any feedback I have from the process.

If dogs are overly fearful or in pain and do not want to be touched or have me that close, I can still offer reiki to them at a distance. It still has the same benefits. The process is very much directed by the pets needs and wants.


Our Sessions


We are currently offering Reiki for canines. Our Reiki services are offered in your home so that your pet can be comfortable in their own familiar space.

Sessions are offered for 45 minutes, which includes time to discuss your concerns about your dog, a 30 minute Reiki session and time to discuss any impressions the practitioner has afterwards. The cost is $45 for 45 minutes.

It is not uncommon for your pet to reject Reiki healing. This can be seen by their reaction when the healing begins (restless, anxious, tries to leave). If your pet rejects the healing we will stop the session and you will only be obligated to pay a $15 appointment fee.

Appointments can be made at your convenience. Please contact us for availability.



Kailly Muthard has a “Teacher/Master Level Certificate” in the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage.